How to survive and thrive in the new NDIS era

We have seen it first hand with some of our customers. The introduction of the NDIS new funding model has turned the disability care sector upside down and resulted in an administrative nightmare for many organisations who deliver these services.

Instead of receiving funding upfront at the start of the year, disability care organisations now have to claim retrospectively for services delivered to each individual care recipient.

The challenge is now working out how to ensure that you are equipped to meet these new requirements in a way that is financially viable.

Adapting to the changes

Not only do organisations have to become more efficient and track services accurately under the new model – as it’s the parents and carers who have the funds in hand to spend – they also now have to compete with other providers to attract clients.

This has major change management implications for disability care providers – even to the extent that some organisations are deciding that it’s no longer worthwhile for them to continue to deliver certain services.

Not surprisingly, management teams are under significant pressure to turn things around and to make this new regime work for their organisation. The good news is that the right technology can improve your efficiencies and help shape your business operations to fit the new model – and to support the innovation required to thrive under it.

Transparency is key, automation a must

To remain a viable player in the new era, organisations must be able to measure, by the hour, the services provided to each client. This means that time spent talking to clients and staff needs to be logged, both in the field and in the home.

Under the previous system, the pot of funds allocated upfront was often supported by dedicated administrative teams. Now, with cash flow more of an issue, there’s less wriggle room and potentially less resources. It’s increasingly critical for organisations to know exactly how their consulting time is being spent while automating their processes as much as possible.

This is where the right technology can make a big difference. A Customer Management System (CMS), coupled with the smarts of a Data Analytics solution that is tailored to the care sector can help providers make their organisations work effectively in the new NDIS environment.

Imagine a world where you can easily:

Identify your most profitable and costly services

It is now more important than ever to measure profitability on a more granular scale. With the right systems in place you can track costs (e.g. how much is it costing me to provide one hour of assisted living?) and margins in a clearly visible and actionable form.

Connect data from various business systems

Being able to access CMS, HR and finance data through the one pane of glass spells the end to endless cross-referencing and uninformed decisions. And when previous data silos start talking to each other, different departments gain visibility of each other’s challenges and internal collaboration improves

Monitor client goals with real-time insights

Monitor client plans with real-time insights into who is achieving their goals, who is not and, if not, what is preventing them from doing so.

Keep close track of client funds

While service quality remains of upmost importance it is also critical that organisations don’t over provide beyond a client’s funding limit. The right solution allows you to track client funds closely to ensure enough dollars remain available at all times.

Analyse rostering patterns, vacant shifts and staff wellbeing

Get increased visibility of vacant shifts and gain insights into rostering patterns. Drill down to see who is being underutilised and who is being overutilised to ensure employee wellbeing.

Access marketing insights

When market competition is the new reality, marketing insights are a must. You need to be able to see where your clients are coming from – your website, external advertising, PR or word of mouth – and use this insight to help develop and improve your marketing campaigns.

The right solution for the new NDIS

Care Insights is a data analytics platform designed solely for Community Care organisations. It’s built to work with market-leading CMS solutions to deliver a new depth of insights through clear dashboards and customized reports, all at your fingertips. No more jumping between systems or attempting to consolidate data from various sources into one spreadsheet.

And the good news is that – starting from just $30 a month – it is not yet another complicated or expensive add-on to existing systems. It is a pane of glass that provides a single source of truth of your company data and works in seamlessly with existing processes. Find out more about what data analytics looks like in the Community Care sector in our Community Care guide to Data Analytics or request a demo.

Care Insights is available from $30 ex GST per user / month. Get in touch to find out more or to arrange a demo. REQUEST A DEMO