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What Is
Care Insights

Care Insights is a data analytics platform designed solely for Community Care organisations. Care Insights plugs into your existing systems, giving you a single point of truth for you company data. No more jumping between systems or attempting to consolidate data from various sources into one spreadsheet.


Identify your most profitable and costly services

Find out exactly how much it costs to provide one hour of service as compared with how much funding you receive to provide it – establish and maintain a clear view of your profitability.

Analyse rostering patterns, vacant shifts and staff wellbeing

Get increased visibility of vacant shifts and gain insights into rostering patterns. Drill down to see who is being underutilised and who is being overutilised to ensure employee wellbeing.

Monitor client goals with real-time insights

Monitor client plans with real-time insights into who is achieving their goals, who is not and, if not, what is preventing them.

Track client acquisition and retention trends

Gain insights into how your clients find you and quickly see how many clients you’ve lost and for what reason using informative visualisations of your existing data.

Avoid over-claiming and unpaid claims

Analyse client funds alongside the services you’ve delivered to eliminate the risk of oversupplying and funding shortfalls.

Monitor regulatory compliance expiry dates

Don’t get caught out at the time of rostering. Stay ahead of the game and see months in advance which staff members have checks due to expire.

Care Guide to
Data Analytics

The Transformative Power of Data
The Community Care sector is facing a time of rapid change with the shift towards greater consumer choice. Community Care providers are striving to become more competitive than ever before. For many, this means identifying potential efficiency gains, delivering ever-better client services and empowering employees to make data-driven business decisions. But with limited reporting and siloed data this is near impossible, time consuming and error prone.

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